Bob and Natalie Fix


Greetings from Bob & Natalie Fix

We are driving our “first” Corvette, and as Charter Members of Route 55 Corvette Cruisers we are excited about the opportunities we now have to enjoy our ride with friends sharing a similar passion. We’ve always enjoyed nice cars, but the budget often put dampers on our desires to own them. Starting out with a 2 door ’63 Chevy we were really excited when we moved up to a white with black 2 Dr hardtop ’64 Chevy Impala. Next we enjoyed a 4 speed ’66 Chevelle hardtop until we bought our first brand new auto, a 1973 Monte Carlo Landau. After having four children we left sporty behind for a while and found comfortable rides in low mileage Cadillac Fleetwoods for the ‘80s and ‘90s. Now everything we own either has sunroofs or no roof. - And we still drive the only other new cars we ever purchased, Natalie’s ’92 Turquoise Metallic Beretta GT Coupe, and our 2000 Corvette convertible.

By the beginning of 2000 we had both spent 29 years in our careers (Law Enforcement for Bob and Cosmetology for Natalie). Bob decided it was time for a job change and we ordered our Torch Red convertible the same week. – On April 27, 2000 we walked into the National Corvette Museum and a few hours later we drove out the back door with our “Little Red Corvette”. (By the way, Natalie still operates her salon; now 39 years.)  

ALWAYS ready to cruise!! - with the top down.

Our most exciting car moment ever, seeing our new Vette inside the National Corvette Museum  in Bowling Green, KY.  The sign beside Natalie reads, “Congratulations Bob and Natalie Fix”  

Excited about the new ride, and finding a fun, but sincere, way to express “Thanks” to all the Buffalo Police Officers Bob worked with since 1971.

Our first miles behind the wheel; starting from inside the Corvette Museum. Visitors to the NCM today, may spot a brick on the walkway, halfway between the north door and the curb, that reads “Bob & Natalie Fix April 27, 2000”. 

Since our Museum Delivery we’ve taken our C5 back “home” to the NCM 9 of the last 10 years as Bob’s BB gun teams have competed in International Matches just a few miles away at Western Kentucky University.

Our longest Corvette trips have been to Florida (twice) and Arizona; and we’ve also driven it to the top of Pikes Peak. - This photo was in the Badlands – 2008. “Tuffy” our dashboard gorilla has a good view on every trip.

Long trips come with some road grime, but traveling roads like Route 66 in Flagstaff, AZ make them all worthwhile. Some of these photos w/signs may need to be enlarged to be readable.

Back home, and shined up for the Buffalo Days Parade; she has also been graced by many beautiful Queen candidates.

Three generations of Corvette drivers with the Fix/Nuss families proudly promoting R55CC (Buffalo Days - 2009).

30 years of coaching youth has resulted in a lot of travel. For the last 10 years it has more fun in our Corvette!

Unfortunately, in 10 years, the drivers may have aged more than their wheels. 

The night we put the top up; a rare view of our “Little Red Corvette” (in front of Bob’s brother’s new home in Maricopa, AZ.)


- with the top down.